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Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals

A collection of manuals, pamphlets, information leaflets and other materials regarding the Tandy TRS-80.


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TOPIC atoz
program 314
file 217
disk 216
command 151
press 123
model iii 114
data 108
diskette 105
basic 83
cursor 82
enter 82
trsdos 82
model 73
type 73
text 72
screen 64
iii 62
drive 59
print 59
memory 53
shack 52
byte 51
load 45
display 42
error 41
format 38
radio 35
string 35
tape 35
files 34
system 33
tandy 33
manual 32
game 29
sector 28
backup 26
user 26
source 25
track 25
printer 23
address 22
array 21
edit 21
integer 21
version 21
buffer 20
field 20
goto 20
mode 20
block 19
dos 19
micro 19
editor 18
ienteri 18
level 18
record 18
return 18
code 16
column 16
entry 16
input 15
ldos 15
utility 15
wayne 15
arrow 14
key 14
lines 14
player 14
users 14
insert 13
lesson 13
mod 13
pascal 13
reset 13
instant 12
loading 12
module 12
control 11
density 11
dosplus 11
hex 11
macro 11
menu 11
word 11
bytes 10
defb 10
device 10
hit 10
object 10
option 10
patch 10
ram 10
runtime 10
sectors 10
step 10
tab 10
enemy 9
modem 9
output 9
English 743
up-solid down-solid
Date Published
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat)[OCR]
Topics: file, dos, diskette, command, user, basic, program, byte, disk, model, main memory, fixed item,...
TRS-80 Manual: Xenix Operating Guide (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: file, command, files, directory, system, input, text, commands, syntax, output, editing buffer,...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)(DE)
Topics: und, dar, das, auf, dan, dia, von, die, auf die, nicht, und das, und die, auf dar, eof rba, auf...
TRS-80 Manual: Model 2 Disk Operating System Reference Manual (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: trsdos, file, diskette, command, code, data, error, program, printer, buffer, system files,...
TRS-80 Manual: Assembly Language Tutor 1st Edition (1983)(Tandy)[a]
Topics: program, byte, instruction, location, data, lesson, flag, memory, register pair, registers, memory...
TRS-80 Manual: GEAP Font Disk 3 (1982)(W K Mason)
Topics: font, fonts, lowercase, abcdef, frame, upper, ghi, size, stfc, dots
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Multiplan (1982)(Microsoft)
Topics: multiplan, command, cell, column, worksheet, window, format, cells, copy, press, window split,...
TRS-80 Manual: TK!Solver v1.0 (1984)(Software Arts Inc)
Topics: command, sheet, variable, program, tkisolver, values, field, list, cursor, unit, rule sheet, global...
TRS-80 Manual: ZBasic 4th Edition with 3rd Edition Appendixes (1987)(Zedcor)
Topics: zbasic, print, program, appendix, statement, variables, error, string, function, file, disk error,...
TRS-80 Manual: DOSPLUS v3.5 (19xx)(Micro-Systems Software)
Topics: disk, file, dosplus, system, model, program, drive, command, device, manual, disk drive, ffff ffff,...
TRS-80 Manual: ALDS Assembly Language Development System v3.02 Manual (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: contents, reset, object, alds, program, instruction, memory, byte, register pair, address, order...
TRS-80 Manual: Model 102 Applications and BASIC Reference Guide (1985)(Tandy)[PDF]
Topics: basic, program, print, string, returns, prints, numeric, file, gosub, tandy, keyboard character,...
TRS-80 Manual: MC C-Language Compiler (1985)(Misosys)[PDF]
Topics: function, file, compiler, error, copyright, reserved, misosys, char, language, pointer, error...
TRS-80 Manual: TRSDOS v2.1 Reference Manual (1979)(Tandy)
Topics: disk, trsdos, file, data, buffer, diskette, program, basic, record, command, trsdos command, basic...
TRS-80 Manual: BASIC Compiler v5.3 (1981)(Microsoft)
Topics: program, file, disk, compiler, string, command, basic, error, statements, statement, cross...
TRS-80 Manual: LDOS v5.1.x 2nd Ed (1981)(Logical Systems)[PDF]
Topics: ldos, file, command, device, drive, byte, system, disk, jcl, parameter, device control, file...
TRS-80 Manual: LDOS v5.1 for Model I and III (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: file, command, disk, program, system, drive, device, ldos, files, jcl, ldos ready, record number,...
TRS-80 Manual: TRS-80 Computer Graphics (1982)(Tandy)
Topics: graphics, defb, manual, pixel, computer, operation, screen, call, array, radio, pixel area,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Pascal (1983)(Alcor)
Topics: file, program, command, pascal, editor, variable, procedure, type, commands, cursor, data type,...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)[a]
Topics: file, dos, diskette, command, program, eof, model, byte, basic, record, mandatory zap, main memory,...
TRS-80 Manual: ESF Z-80 Forth v1.0 (19xx)(Vern Tallman)[PDF]
Topics: defw, endm, defb, semis, lit, dup, defm, docol, fromr, subb, defw store, defw dup, defw endm, defw...
TRS-80 Manual: Model 100 Basic Language Lab (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: program, print, data, statement, string, variable, experiment, goto, execute, input, file number,...
TRS-80 Manual: Assembly Language Tutor 1st Edition (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: program, byte, instruction, memory, data, lesson, flag, location, register pair, registers, memory...
TRS-80 Manual: SuperSCRIPSIT for Model III Reference Manual (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: type, cursor, defb, text, program, tab, document, print, diskette, superscripsit, view mode,...
TRS-80 Manual: Zork The Great Underground Empire (1982)(Infocom)[a]
Topics: zork, diskette, enter, press, type, backup, save, game, model, drive, zork diskette, great...
TRS-80 Manual: LDOS v5.1 (19xx)(Logical Systems Inc)
Topics: file, command, disk, program, system, jcl, device, ldos, files, drive, machine language, job...
TRS-80 Manual: Hard Disk Operating System (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: file, command, disk, program, jcl, system, device, ldos, files, drive, control language, record...
TRS-80 Manual: NewScript v7.0 (1982)(Tesler Software Corporation)
Topics: newscript, text, prosoft, script, command, control, ttsc, file, lines, copyright, installation...
TRS-80 Manual: Alcor C for Model 4 (1983)(Alcor Systems)
Topics: file, function, command, chapter, char, printf, program, string, editor, character, format string,...
TRS-80 Manual: GDOS v2.4 (1984)(TCS Computer)
Topics: die, und, das, mit, wird, des, den, auf, auf der, der diskette, dem bildschirm, innerhalb der, mit...
TRS-80 Manual: Midway Campaign (1980)(Avalon Hill)
Topics: aircraft, midway, strike, japanese, damage, program, cap, spotted, computer, fleet, fleet commands,...
TRS-80 Manual: DOSPLUS IV vA.4 (1983)(Micro-Systems Software)
Topics: disk, file, dosplus, system, operating, device, drive, command, manual, parameter, ffff ffff,...
TRS-80 Manual: General Ledger (1979)(Adam Osborne)
Topics: account, file, program, posting, accounts, gosub, total, print, balance, ledger, posting file,...
TRS-80 Manual: Network Pascal Student Manual (1984)(Alcor Systems)
Topics: program, pascal, file, procedure, variables, statement, variable, type, function, compiler, data...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)[a2]
Topics: file, dos, diskette, command, user, model, program, byte, disk, basic, fixed item, chain file,...
TRS-80 Manual: Compiler BASIC v2.4 (19xx)(Ryan McFarland-Tandy)[a]
Topics: basic, program, print, data, input, file, model, compiler, compiler basic, string, building data,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Allwrite! (1985)(Prosoft)
Topics: allwrite, text, control, chapter, file, printer, prosoft, ttsc, command, disk, emphasis marks, form...
TRS-80 Manual: Lazy Writer v3.5 (1985)(AlphaBit Communications)
Topics: text, lazy, printer, command, cursor, press, file, writer, pressing, commands, printer commands,...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 Model I Zaps (19xx)(Apparat Inc)
Topics: zap, diskette, trsdos, change, iii, mandatory, zaps, model, version, dos, destination diskette,...
TRS-80 Manual: Editor Assembler Series I (1981)(Tandy)
Topics: contents, reset, object, byte, set, mhz, instruction, memory, register pair, address, memory...
TRS-80 Manual: Games Pack I for Level I (1978)(Tandy)
Topics: gos, vou, cls, goto, program, draw, rnd, ret, space taxi, vour, radio shack, press enter, landing...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 for Model I (19xx)(Apparat Inc)
Topics: file, dos, diskette, command, model, eof, zap, byte, program, record, system option, iii trsdos,...
TRS-80 Manual: Allwrite! (1984)(Tesler Corp)[Shortened]
Topics: text, allwrite, control, chapter, printer, print, disk, file, command, word, form letters, ttsc...
TRS-80 Manual: Macro-80 Assembler (1979)(Microsoft)
Topics: assembler, macro, tha, error, software, manual, utility, file, listing, source, listing file,...
TRS-80 Manual: MuMath and MuSimp (1980)(Soft Warehouse)
Topics: function, mumath, musimp, variable, integer, control, variables, functions, arithmetic, returns,...
TRS-80 Manual: Assembly Language Development System v3.02 (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: contents, object, reset, memory, program, instruction, alds, byte, register pair, address, order...
TRS-80 Manual: Editor Assembler Package (1979)(MS)
Topics: contents, reset, memory, set, instruction, location, opcode, byte, register pair, mhz, assembled...
TRS-80 Manual: MMSForth v2.1 (1982)(Miller Microcomputer Services)
Topics: mmsforth, block, stack, users, addr, ibm, blocks, loop, code, manual, assembler screen, model iii,...
TRS-80 Manual: Montezuma Micro CPM 2.2 (19xx)(Montezuma Micro)
Topics: disk, drive, montezuma, format, revision, manual, undefined, micro, system, config, physical drive,...
TRS-80 Manual: Programs for Beginners on the TRS-80 (1981)(Hayden Book Company)
Topics: program, level, print, screen, goto, beginners, programs, lines, random number, prints, hayden...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)
Topics: dos, diskette, file, model, user, program, byte, command, trsdos, zap, mandatory zap, main memory,...
TRS-80 Manual: MultiDOS (1984)(Cosmopolitan Electronics Corporation)
Topics: file, multidos, byte, disk, logical, drive, program, command, display, ram, library command, single...
TRS-80 Manual: TBUG Z-80 Monitor (1978)(Tandy)
Topics: res, tbug, set, level, adc, byte, dec, bit, program, memory, save area, xor xor, source code, bit...
TRS-80 Manual: BASIC Compiler for Model 4 (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: program, compiler, basic, file, switch, source, error, runtime, command, module, rel file, basic...
TRS-80 Manual: Disk Editor Assembler Plus (1981)(Microsoft)
Topics: disk, file, trsdos, command, symbol, load, program, filespec, cassette, enter, handling long, basic...
TRS-80 Manual: Level III BASIC (1979)(Microsoft)
Topics: iii, level, program, screen, uoissajdxa, basic, graphic, character, graphics, lset, machine...
TRS-80 Manual: Level III BASIC (19xx)(Microsoft)
Topics: iii, level, program, array, mode, screen, graphics, basic, character, statement, expansion box,...
TRS-80 Manual: EDTASM+ With ZBUG (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: program, memory, addressing, address, assembler, condition, command, zbug, assembly language,...
TRS-80 Manual: Model 16 TRSDOS-16 Disk Operating System (1982)(Tandy)
Topics: file, manual, error, disk, trsdos, code, radio, svc, buffer, drive, radio shack, entry conditions,...
TRS-80 Manual: Le Script Word Processing Training Guide (1986)(Anitek Software Products)
Topics: lescript, text, cursor, disk, model, character, program, file, color, printer, lescript word,...
TRS-80 Manual: Cross Assembler for the MCS-48 (19xx)(Mumford Micro Systems)
Topics: mov, equ, assembler, file, orl, addc, byte, stan, endif, anl, error message, output file, equ stan,...
TRS-80 Manual: The Disassembler (1980)(Instant Software)
Topics: disassembler, program, microcomputing, hex, output, sembler, software, disassembly, programs, tape,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Eliza (1979)(Tandy)
Topics: eliza, ienteri, software, tandy, press, iii, shack, computer, type, radio, radio shack, voice...
TRS-80 Manual: Air Traffic Controller (19xx)(Creative Computing)
Topics: aircraft, instruction, altitude, heading, assigned, active, degrees, enter, craft, game, traffic...
TRS-80 Manual: Crush Crumble and Chomp (1981)(Automated Simulations-Epyx)
Topics: monster, monsters, crumble, mantra, units, carcass, square, buildings, stomp, grab, golden gate,...
TRS-80 Manual: Fortran-80 Users Manual (1979)(Microsoft)
Topics: fortran, compiler, manual, program, default, listing, filename, file, illegal, command, reference...
TRS-80 Manual: Fortran-80 v3.3 (1978)(Microsoft)
Topics: statement, program, data, integer, statements, reference, array, format, file, manual, common...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Pascal v2.0 (1983)(Alcor)
Topics: program, file, pascal, type, variables, compiler, variable, procedure, function, integer, object...
TRS-80 Manual: Compiler BASIC v2.4 (19xx)(Ryan McFarland-Tandy)[a2]
Topics: basic, program, print, data, input, string, model, compiler, compiler basic, file, basic concepts,...
TRS-80 Manual: RSCobol v1.6 Users Guide (1983)(Ryan-McFarland Corporation)
Topics: data, statement, file, item, radio, cobol, clause, record, execution, phrase, description entry,...
TRS-80 Manual: Editor Assembler (1978)(Tandy)[a]
Topics: contents, reset, memory, byte, opcode, res, instruction, set, register pair, mhz, object code,...
TRS-80 Manual: Astrology (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: planets, sign, ascendent, sun, taurus, chart, signs, program, birth, planet, astrology program,...
TRS-80 Manual: LDOS 5.1 Manual Addendum (1984)(Misosys)
Topics: ldos, byte, command, record, patch, file, fed, disk, diskette, hex, edit buffer, hex string,...
TRS-80 Manual: Invasion Force (1979)(Tandy)
Topics: neal, jovian, pod, ship, command, commander, quadrant, antimatter, triton, power, antimatter pods,...
TRS-80 Manual: Maxi Manager II vD0 (1983)(Exador Inc)
Topics: maxi, data, manager, copyright, disk, division, field, file, program, type, field number, sample...